New Directions: The Next Generation

Anonymous asked: "Where are u ?? U okay ??"


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Anonymous asked: "Did you give us spoilers for the next chapter?"

I don’t remember lol

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Anonymous asked: "For Adrian: Why don't you like sharing your poetry with people?And for the people who has read her poetry/writing: Do you think that Adrian should share more of her poetry?"

Because…I don’t think it’s that good and it’s personal…I don’t know. I guess I’m afraid? I don’t know…

She should! I think it’s freaking amazing! It really hits you and it’s such beautiful mix of words…

I think her poetry is fantastic. I don’t know why she won’t share it! She has always been a girl with such a way with words and conveying such emotion. It always blows me away of how much of a great writer she is…

I have read her poetry…it’s amazing. She wrote one to me once. And I cried. It was so beautiful and it just hit me so hard. I think she should definitely share her poetry way more. It doesn’t suck like she says it does.

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Anonymous asked: "For the Lopez-Pierce family: Well we all know that Rowan has unleashed her inner snix. But has Adrian ever unleashed snix? Is she scary when she does?"

Lopez-Pierces minus Adrian.: YES AND YESSSS.

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Anonymous asked: "For Puck: Quinn wants another baby, just thought you should know. For Puckerkids: How would you feel if your mom told you she was pregnant?"

Wut. o.o


That would be awesome! I’d love another baby in the house! 

NO. Fucking shit…noooooo!


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Anonymous asked: "For the New Directions: What's your favorite thing about glee?"

Orion: I like how we all could be ourselves there. We’re not judged and we’re free almost..

Adara: Singing and getting the praise! It’s amazing!

Cheryl: Telling people what to do.

Oliver:  Jamming out during glee and just letting loose. We’re always at our best during those times, in my opinion.

Adeline: The performances! They’re always so powerful and energetic, when they’re not being depressing of course…

Nikki: Making out with Cheryl in the back of the choir room. ;)

Connor: I like that we’re a next generation of glee club members. Our parents were in it and now we are, how cool is that?

Mason: *shrugs* I don’t know.

Delilah: Nothing.

Alex: Sleeping. I do that a lot during Mr. Schue’s long talks.

Sam: Meh.

Ben: The fact that I made friends. I’ve never made friends before.

Annie: Nothing. Nothing at all.

Emily: The fact that it’s our refuge. Our home away from home kind of. We can all just let go and not care what people think. We’re genuinely ourselves for the most part and that’s so great.

Scotty: I guess the fact that we’re all more than just what we’re known outside of glee. I’m not just the nerd in glee. I’m Scotty, who’s apparently great at singing and okay at dancing. I’m more than what I’m said to be, I like it.

Adrian: The bonding. We’re more than just a show choir. We’re all friends and we treat each other like family. Well, the ones that aren’t dating each other anyways. 

Gabe: Dancing!

Keegan: Getting into trouble…*grins evilly.*

Rowan: Who the fuck says I like glee club, the fuck?

Aaron: THE MOTHERFUCKING SOLOS MOTHERFUCKER! Kidding. I like how we all have this insane chemistry with each other. Not romantic chemistry, but platonic. We perform so well together and we just fit together as a team.

Ethan: I like that I’m known for more than just a dancer. I mean, I love dancing. But in glee, they know me as the guy with the cool and raspy voice. And that’s fucking awesome.

Jonathan: Getting a standing ovation every time I sing because I’m that great and amazing!

Ellie: I really like seeing and listening other people in the club sing. They’re all so talented!


Grayson: I like that we all have a bond somehow. I mean, we’re not always going to like each other. But we all care about each other in some way. We’re more than just teammates, you know?

Aidan: Making friendships I never thought I’d ever make.

Izzy: Fucking shit up somehow.

Christian: The family feel I get off it. We all love each other and hate each other like we were an actual family. And in some ways, we are a family. Because we got each others back regardless.

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Anonymous asked: "Is Cheryl going to be in charge of Prom? And is Adrian going to be Valedictorian?"

Yes and yes.

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Anonymous asked: "I find it funny that in another Glee Next Generation fanfic, Hunter Parrish plays Artie and Sugars son and that he is also an only child!"


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Anonymous asked: "Am I the only one who can imagine the New Directions(specifically Aidan, Ethan, Oliver, Grayson, Keegan, and probably Gabe) riding on those luggage carrying things at a hotel? Because I can see them going to a hotel for nationals and when they're checking in or on a break from rehearsing, they riding in the halls on the luggage carrying things."


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Anonymous asked: "Some people ship Keegan and Sam together. But I see them having more of a brother/sister relationship. I honestly ship Keegan and Scotty together, and Sam and Xavier together. I think that eventually Sam or Xavier will start to have feelings for the other."

I see it too. I mean, my heart still loves Scoteegan! :( And you’ll see soon enough how everything will fall into place. PATIENCE.

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Anonymous asked: "Awhile back, you named what songs you think describe each of the New Direction kids. And I was wondering if for one chapter, Mr. Schue should have the kids pick a song that describes them best, and the songs would be the ones you chose. So what do you think?"

That’d be a great idea for next “season”! I’ll add that to my list! Thank you!

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Anonymous asked: "When are you going to add more things to your polyvore for this story? Because I just love all of the clothes that you post for the characters!"


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Anonymous asked: "For Caitlyn: Have you meet Aidan's girlfriend? If you have, what do you think of her?"

I skyped with her. I demanded Aidan introduce me to her the moment my mother told me. How Adork managed to win a girl like her over? I will never know. Danielle’s very nice, she is very cute with my brother. I didn’t think I’d ever say that but they are very cute together. And I can tell right away how much Aidan cares about her. And vice versa. They give each other that look. Do you know what I mean? The look of “Oh my god you’re so perfect.” She’s got some strong opinions though, I like that.

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Anonymous asked: "To the New Directions that can drive: Did you pass your drivers test the 1st time? And are you a good driver?"

Orion: Yeah, I passed it the first time. It was easy. And I like to consider myself a pretty good driver. 

Cheryl: Yes, I’m Cheryl Hudson, bitch. I can do anything. And I’m an amazing driver. Super responsible.

Oliver: No. I passed it the third time. I’m dyslexic, so it took me a while. But I like to consider myself a decent driver.

Nikki: I passed the first time, I mean, the guy that surveillance my driving was young and practically all over me. He would’ve passed me even if I sucked. I’m an okay driver. I multi-task while driving. Like eating while driving. Doing my make-up while driving. Stuff like that.

Connor: Yes, I passed the first time. It was easy. Though I didn’t fit properly in that very small car…But I do consider myself a good driver.

Alex: Yes and yes. Why do you care?

Sam: Yeah motherfucker! I’m a great driver!

Annie: Of course I passed it the first time, I’m not an idiot. And I’m an okay driver. But I do express my rage towards the idiots on the road. The horn is my best friend.

Emily: I did pass my first time! And I consider myself an okay driver. I need to stop doing my hair and make-up while driving though…

Adrian: I did pass my first time, it was easy! And I’m very paranoid while driving so I’m okay. I freak out easily now with my PTSD. 

Gabe: I passed the second time. I was late to a dance competition the first time I took it, so I was speeding and shit…it was whatever. But I’m a good driver.

Keegan: Yassss I did! It was so easy! And I’m what I like to call: an angry driver. I express my anger in the road when people are idiots.

Aaron: I know I’m violent and crazy and all that bullshit, but I’m a great fucking driver motherfucker. Of course, I do need to express my hatred towards slow ass fucking drivers that don’t know what a fucking GREEN LIGHT IS. IT MEANS GO BITCH, GOOOOOO! But I did pass the first time—shockingly.

Grayson: Pfff, yeah. It was easy. And my instructor was pretty and she flirted with me the while time. So I passed with flying colors. And I’m a great driver. 

Jonathan: I did pass my first time and I’m an excellent driver. It’s the easiest thing ever. If you can’t drive, you’re an idiot.

Izzy: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. It took me four times to pass it. In my defense, I just wasn’t getting the proper instructor. They weren’t young and hot…But I’m a terrible driver, don’t get in a car with me. And if you do, don’t complain. YOU DIDN’T DIE, DID YOU?

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Anonymous asked: "I have a few idea's for prom. 1 is an Enchanted Forest theme prom, and the 2nd is an Wizard of Oz themed prom, and the last one is and Underwater themed prom. Hope this helps!"

I really like the Underwater and Enchanted Forest theme. Especially Underwater! So many songs!

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