New Directions: The Next Generation

Anonymous asked: "Do you mind if I make a YouTube video for this story? Also if you allow me to do the video, could you give me a quote from each of the Next Generation? - SibunaGleekR5er"


Umm…let’s see. I’m just going to make up some of the quotes, is that fine?

Orion: “He’s crazy and loud and has quite the violent streak. But he’s my lover and my best friend. I don’t think I can ask for better.”

Adara: “I hate him. But I love him. Do you see my problem here?”

Cheryl: “It’s mahogany!”

Oliver: “I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life. And one of them is letting her walk away.”

Adeline: “Broadway. That is all.”

Nikki: “I only think about three things: my girlfriend, food, and dancing.”

Connor: “I get it, I’m tall.”

Mason: “I’m a starving artist. Wanna know why? Because I starve for her love but I can’t afford it. She’s worth billions. So I draw her to soothe the aching hunger.”

Delilah: “People tell me I’m the epitome of perfection, but then I look in the mirror and I just see flaws.”

Alex: “I hate people. And stupidity.”

Sam: “So I don’t like dresses and frilly shit girls are mostly into. So I can beat someone’s ass. So I hang out with guys. I’m still a girl, and I still have feelings. So excuse me while I kick your ass.”

Ben: “I’m just everyone’s little brother to them…I hate that.”

Annie: “I hate everyone—don’t take it personally.”

Emily: “I still look at him like it’s the first time we met. And I wonder if it’s the same with him.”

Scotty: “I obsess over fictional characters and I think about everything way too much…”

Adrian: “Seeing someone read is the sexiest thing to me.”

Gabe: “Have you ever met someone whose smile looks like it could grow flowers? That’s hers.”

Keegan: “I loved her just as quickly as the way she left.”

Rowan: “I inject my venom to my haters for breakfast.”

Ethan: “I like being cheesy. And spontaneous. And dorky. Deal with it.”

Aaron: “I’m a boss ass bitch and all that jazz…but then I look at him and I turn into fucking putty.” 

Grayson: “Sometimes, I just don’t know what the fuck I want.”

Aidan: “I’m in love with her. ALL of her.”

Jonathan: “I’m the youngest Tony award winner in 20 years…jealous?”

Ellie: “Tell me everything about you…you can go on for hours. I don’t mind.”

Dorothy: “I live, breathe, and if I could eat Broadway…I so would.” 

Izzy: “Sex. I like that shit.”

Christian: “I wonder how biology can explain the physical pain you feel in your chest when all you want to do is be you…but you can’t.”

Malina: “You know when you look at someone you just know they’re the person they’re meant to be? Well that was her. And all she needed was me right next to her to be complete.”

Tony: “I think a lot. But I don’t say much.”

Eli: “I like people. People like me. It’s a win-win.”


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Anonymous asked: "For ND: Who's the better football captain, Connor or Orion?"

Orion: Connor

Adara: Orion!

Cheryl: Orion’s a pretty good captain. Believe it or not, I’m a football fan!

Oliver: Connor. He’s really good. 

Adeline: Us Hudson kids know our football! Connor’s a good captain. 

Nikki: Both. I’m not picking—fuck you. 

Connor: Orion, definitely. 

Mason: Connor, just cause he’s my brother. 

Delilah: Connor—sibling bias. 

Alex: Idgaf

Sam: I’ve seen both of them at games, I thin both of them just equally are good. 

Ben: I guess Connor. He’s a good leader. 

Annie: Does it look like I give a shit?

Emily: Connor. He’s really good at leading his team. 

Scotty: Orion. He knows what he’s doing and why he’s doing it.

Adrian: I don’t really watch football, so I’m going to say Orion?

Gabe: Connor. He knows what he’s doing. 

Keegan: Orion. 

Rowan: Orion


Ethan: Connor? I don’t know, I’m a baseball guy. 

Jonathan: Don’t care at all…

Ellie: I don’t know a thing about football…

Dorothy: Football? Isn’t that where you shoot hoops? 

Grayson: Orion—he has really good leadership skills. But Connor does too. I guess since Orion’s older he is a bit more experienced. 

Aidan: Connor

Izzy: Connor. He has a nice ass and when he plays…whoo…

Christian: Orion

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Anonymous asked: "Are you close to updating? No rush:) Just wondering!"


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Anonymous asked: "For old new directions couples: do any of you want more kids?"

Will: That train has gone a long time ago…

Emma: Two kids are definitely enough. Besides, I’m much older to have kids. It’s too risky. 

Finn: I may be in a fight with Rachel, but…I had been meaning to ask her if she’d be willing to have another baby.

Rachel: Finn and I may be in bad terms right now. But I do think about the possibility of having another baby. I mean, Cheryl’s off to college and it won’t be long before Adeline and Oliver do…

Kurt: YES! Blaine and I have been talking about it lately. And who knows? Maybe we’ll have a baby around the house soon…

Blaine: I do! Both Kurt and I do. We’ve been talking about it and I hope we do get another baby soon. 


Brittany: Four is enough—so enough…

Puck: HA! NOPE! 

Quinn: I want to talk to Puck about it. But…I want another baby. 

Tina: I’ve been getting baby fever lately…

Mike: Tina and I did want more kids after Ethan but…we just never planned for it. Maybe we can. 

Sebastian: Nope. No. I’m done with that. I’m not changing another fucking diaper. 

David: Yeah—no. 

Jake: Yes. I want another kid! I just, I don’t know…I want another baby in the house. I know five would be a lot but…

Marley: No. Four is enough. The house is crazy enough as it is!


Artie: I have my hands full with Grayson and he’s 16—no thank you!

Mercedes: Aaron is enough. I don’t need another kid! Nope!

Sam: I have Aaron…is that not enough?

Rory: Kind of. Yes. 

Harmony: FUCK NO! Sorry for the swearing but Caitlyn and Aidan are enough. 

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Anonymous asked: "Are you taking suggestions for the theme of Prom?"

Yassssssssss honey yasssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

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Anonymous asked: "For the Lopez-Pierces: what is one thing that you like about each other family member, between the 6 of y'all."


I love everything about Brittany. She’s my bae. But one thing in particular…her unconditional love. I’m probably the biggest bitch in the universe, and she still loves me. 

Adrian…she may look like me a lot. But we are different. I love her drive. She works so hard to get what she wants. She’s an amazing writer and dancer, I know for a fact my girl is going places. 

Gabe…I love his dedication. He really loves dancing and not only that, but his dedication to his family, his friends, and his girlfriend. 

Keegan…my baby boy. I love his protectiveness. He doesn’t show it much, but he loves his family and friends. And I know he’d do anything for them. 

Rowan…my twin. I love her dorkiness. It’s adorable and I love seeing that side of her because it’s her. 


Santana is the love of my life. She’s amazing, I don’t care what anyone says. I love Santana’s “mama bear”-ness. She loves our kids, she really does. And she can be protective. It’s just with her work, she has a hard time showing it. 

Adrian…she’s my good child. I love her creativity. Her writing leaves me shocked. It’s beautiful, I love it. 

Gabe…his loyalty. He is there for you when you need him to be. It shows how much he cares for the people he loves.

Keegan…I love his hugs. They’re warm and embracing and he gives the best hugs—next to San. 

Rowan…the complete opposite of me. I love her dorkiness. It’s the most adorable thing. I just love it. 


What I love about my mami is her toughness. My mami can be…scary. But I know her toughness is what makes her so strong, she’s overcome so much. I may not be as close with her, but I admire her. Her toughness shows how nothing can break her. 

I love my mom’s understanding. She just gets it, you know? I can tell her anything and she wouldn’t judge me or hurt me. She’s so open-minded and it’s something you don’t come across every day. 

Gabe…my wonder twin! I love his loyalty. He’s been there for me so much, and it’s honestly not just with me. He’s there whenever you need him. He’s helped me though so much…listened through so much. I don’t know what I’d do without him. 

Keegan, I love his sweetness. He’s a sweet guy. And he shows it to the people worth seeing it. He gives amazing hugs and he’s so sweet I’m pretty sure he can give someone diabetes. (No offense Orion.)

Rowan…oh boy. She’s something else. But I love her spunk (I would say bitchiness but…you know..). I know she can be…mean (that’s the nicest way I can put it), but I sometimes see it as courage. She stands up for herself and gives her opinion and doesn’t give a damn. It’s admirable.


I’m not as close to my mami, but I love her courage. I know she went through a lot when she was younger, but I see that it made her stronger. And I love that. 

My momma! I’m a total momma’s boy. But anyways, I love her unconditional love. She loves me no matter what stupid shit I did, do, or will do. 

Adrian! My wonder twin. I love her…words. Her choice of words are just right. She always knows what to say and I love that. 

Keegan, I love his daring side. It’s so adventurous and bold. It’s a fun side to have. 

Rowan, her toughness. She’s a tough cookie—a scary one actually. But I like it because she doesn’t give a damn and no one tries to ridicule her. Because she’s just scary. 

I love my mami’s toughness. She’s stronger than she puts out to be and I admire her for that. She’s an amazing mom, even if she thinks she’s not. 

My mom’s tenderness is the reason I wake up in the morning. She’s just so loving and she just loves us all so much. She carries love for all of us and she will always be there for us no matter what we do. 

Adrian’s creativity blows me away. She’s very eloquent and has a way with words. She knows what she’s writing or what she’s saying. 

I love Gabe’s passion. That boy breathes dancing. I know he really loves it. Which is why I’m glad he’s going to Julliard next year. And other than his passion for dancing, he just has a passion for everything else he does. 

Rowan can be annoying, but there’s some good traits to her. I like her fierceness. She’s scary—yeah. But that’s what makes her badass. 

I love that mami’s just so…badass. She makes sure she gets her way—that people see her way and go by it. She’s tough and I love it. 

Mom’s sweetness is the best thing ever. I know I’m not into that mushy crap, but I can never resist when my mom hugs me or tells me that she loves me and I say it back. Like, I can never say no to that. 

Adrian’s strong. I know that for a fact. And I love that about her. She can be pushed down a billion times and she will always come out on top. 

I love Gabe’s loyalty. He’s there for you when you need him. And he tells it like it is. He’d never leave you behind or push you away when you need him most. 

Keegan’s an ass—yes—but I’m sure I can think of something decent about him. He’s…daring. Like me. He’ll do all this crazy shit and I love it. His adventurous side is the best side. 

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Anonymous asked: "Hey so I know that you probably already have the kids picked out for the next next generation but I have an idea for one of Gabe's and Annie's kid. It's Brooke Hyland. In real life she is 16 and really short for her age. She is a dancer and is best at acro/lyrical. So what do you think?"

I haven’t looked at that list for a looooong time. But it changes, trust me. So I’ll definitely consider this girl! Thank you!

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Anonymous asked: "Is everybody going to go to Prom or is it just the Seniors and Juniors?"


Well—the prom is for seniors and juniors obviously. But the New Directions will be performing so…


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Anonymous asked: "For Rowan: How do feel about all the Adeline, Delilah, and Scotty drama?"

I want to punch them. Very, very hard in the face.

And honestly, can they get over it? Really? They’re fighting over NOTHING! 

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Anonymous asked: "If Emily becomes a Fashioners Designer, will the daughters of the Next Generation be her models and stuff? Because it'll be really funny to see the Dads complaining of the stuff that their daughters are wearing!"

asdfghjkl that should be canon omg

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Anonymous asked: "I just noticed that the Lopez-Pierce kid's names go in alphabetical order! Adrian, Gabe, Keegan, and Rowan."

Well damn.

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Anonymous asked: "What couple in your story, that broke up or is going out, does the song "Let Her Go" by The Passengers describe?"


I think it describes Oliver and Adara—I know they didn’t go out. But if you think about it, it matches them the best. 

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Anonymous asked: "What snack food/junk food are you addicted to that people find weird because your so obsessed(pickles, candy, tomato's, anything)? But like don't choose a snack food/junk food that is normal!"

Random question—but okay! I really like prunes. Dried prunes. I eat it like it’s french fries. I’m eating some right now as we speak…

It’s everything to me! <3

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Anonymous asked: "For Adrian: Have you ever thought of dying your hair blonde or giving blonde highlights? Because I think that it would look so pretty!"

No, actually. I’ve never dyed my hair before. The color I have now is my natural hair color—never done anything to it. But maybe I will when I head over to L.A. a change in style could be good…

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Anonymous asked: "Hey, could you please tell me who is a senior, junior, sophomore, and freshman? BTW, I really love this story! It's one of my favorites! Also are you almost done with the chapter? No rush!"

The ages and grades should be in the Next Generation page. That and the New Directions page, Vocal Adrenaline page, the Warblers page, etc. 

Not almost done but halfway! :D

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